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DevOps talents remain in high demand and expected to become among the fastest-growing in the workforce. If you’re seeking to gain these significant skills, this course is an outstanding starting point.

Introduction to DevOps explores the cultural movement of DevOps, providing insights into building a compelling business case for its adoption. The course covers the essential principles of DevOps and offers a concise historical overview. By enrolling in this program, you will gain a fresh perspective on how to think, work, organize, and measure to fully leverage the advantages of DevOps.

An essential focus of this particular course is breaking down silos and creating cross-functional teams that consist of both developers and operators. This collaborative approach is crucial for embracing DevOps wholeheartedly. By fostering a culture of shared responsibility and accountability, you will maximize the potential of DevOps and deliver superior products to your customers.

Furthermore, this course gives an opportunity to explore the intricacies of infrastructure for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. You will acquire actionable knowledge that directly inform decision-making processes, leading to continuous improvement within your organization.

Whether you’re new to DevOps or aiming to enhance your existing expertise, this course is designed to satisfy your needs. Join us on this educational journey and lay the foundation for becoming a proficient DevOps practitioner. By building a culture of transparency and shared responsibility, you will pave the way for high-performing DevOps teams and drive success in your organization.

Course Syllabus:

Overview of DevOps

Course Introduction 4 minutes
Business Case for DevOps 5 minutes
DevOps Adoption 7 minutes
Definition of DevOps 5 minutes
Essential Characteristics of DevOps 5 minutes
Leading Up to DevOps 5 minutes
XP, Agile, and Beyond 5 minutes
Brief History of DevOps 6 minutes

Thinking DevOps

Social Coding Principles  6 minutes
Git Repository Guidelines  3 minutes
Working in Small Batches  4 minutes
Minimum Viable Product  4 minutes
Test Driven Development  6 minutes
Behavior Driven Development  6 minutes
Cloud Native Microservices  5 minutes
Designing for Failure  7 minutes

Working DevOps

Taylorism and Working in Silos  5 minutes
Software Engineering vs Civil Engineering  3 minutes
Required DevOps Behaviors  7 minutes
Infrastructure as Code  6 minutes
Continuous Integration  6 minutes
Continuous Delivery  7 minutes

Organizing for DevOps

Organizational Impact of DevOps  5 minutes
There is No DevOps Team 4 minutes
Everyone is Responsible for Success  3 minutes

Measuring DevOps

Rewarding for “A” while hoping for “B”  5 minutes
Vanity metrics vs actionable metrics  4 minutes
How to Measure Your Culture  3 minutes
Comparison of DevOps to Site Reliability Engineering  6 minutes

Case Studies and Final Exam

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