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Unlock the full potential of Microsoft Azure, the industry-leading public cloud platform that’s reshaping the digital landscape. Our comprehensive course takes you on an immersive journey from the fundamentals to advanced concepts, empowering developers, architects, and IT admins with the skills vital for success in today’s cloud-driven world.

Why Microsoft Azure?

In a rapidly evolving cloud landscape, Microsoft Azure stands tall as one of the most prominent public clouds, continually expanding its footprint. Join the ranks of thousands of organizations embracing the cloud, and position yourself as a crucial asset by mastering Azure through our A to Z course.

What Sets This Course Apart?

This isn’t just another Azure course; it’s a unique experience designed to transform you into a genuine Azure expert. Starting from the basics — understanding the cloud’s essence and its capabilities — we journey through advanced topics such as Azure Policy, Cost Management, and more.

Key Topics Covered:

  • What is the Cloud
  • Azure vs Other Clouds
  • Azure Portal Navigation
  • Azure Compute (Virtual Machines, App Services, AKS, Azure Functions)
  • Azure Networking (VNets, Subnets, NSG, Application Gateway)
  • Data in Azure (Azure SQL, CosmosDB, Azure MySQL, Storage Account)
  • Messaging in Azure (Event Grid, Queues, Service Bus, Event Hubs)
  • Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)
  • Logging and Monitoring in Azure
  • Securing Systems in Azure
  • Cost Management
  • Disaster Recovery (DR)
  • And much more…

Hands-On Learning: Build a Cloud System Together

Experience a distinctive approach to learning. Instead of traditional feature-centric lectures, we guide you through building a complete, modern cloud system on Azure. Together, we construct the “readit” website, a fictional bookstore, starting with the basics and gradually adding compute elements, networking, databases, messaging, monitoring, security, and disaster recovery.

What You’ll Gain:

Upon completion, you’ll possess a unique skill set that sets you apart. Showcase your accomplishment with a fully functional Azure system, the “readit” website. This practical experience is a powerful asset when presenting your capabilities to future employers and clients.

Course Highlights:

  • No coding worries; all code is provided (built with .NET Core and nodeJS)
  • Exclusive Azure Architecture Summary guide available for download
  • 20+ years of real-world experience distilled into a single course
  • Comprehensive coverage, from Azure basics to advanced topics
  • Unique hands-on approach to building a complete cloud system

Your Path to Becoming an Azure Expert Starts Here.

Don’t miss this opportunity to acquire the knowledge needed to design modern, robust, secure, and reliable cloud systems. This course is the culmination of over two decades of experience with hundreds of clients, ensuring you receive the most thorough and comprehensive Azure education available. Elevate your skills, advance your career, and become a sought-after Azure expert. Enroll now!

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This course includes:

  • 20.5 hours video tutorials
  • 44 downloadable resources
  • Certificate of completion
  • Lifetime course content access
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