Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills

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This course is designed to help participants become more effective negotiators by teaching them critical negotiation principles and providing essential tools and techniques for building trust, managing conflict, and creating win-win solutions. Whether you are negotiating in personal or professional scenarios, you can maximize your skills by employing essential strategies, tactics, and psychological techniques. With this knowledge, you can generate profitable agreements and propel your career forward confidently. It is essential to be aware of your objectives, recognize and respond to the other party’s interests, understand your power, and be ready to compromise. Additionally, being mindful of the negotiation process and its different stages is crucial.

Course curriculum

  • Successful Negotiation: By completing this course, you will acquire the essential skills and strategies that will enable you to become an accomplished negotiator in your personal and business interactions. You will master the four critical stages of negotiation and apply them effectively, leading to the successful completion of this module. You will also learn how to handle negotiation power dynamics and understand experienced negotiators’ techniques. You will also be able to build strong relationships with other parties and maximize agreements.

  • Prepare: Plan Your Negotiation Strategy: In this module, we will cover the first stage of negotiation – preparation. One crucial aspect we’ll discuss is the importance of conducting a negotiation analysis to help you succeed.

  • Negotiate: Use Key Tactics for Success: In this module, we will cover two crucial topics that will enhance your negotiation skills. The first topic is about effectively utilizing power during negotiations, while the second topic delves into psychological tools that can aid you in negotiations. It’s recommended to keep a pen and paper nearby as you will participate in a few experiments while watching the instructional videos.

  • Close: Create a contract: This section of the course concentrates on the process of negotiating a binding contract following an initial agreement in a business deal. You will be able to determine whether you require legal representation or if you can handle the contract creation on your own. It is critical to note that the videos are not intended to substitute for legal advice. Additionally, you will acquire skills in structuring the contract and identifying the necessary components for inclusion. Lastly, you will learn how to follow up and ensure that both parties comply with the agreed-upon terms.

  • Perform and Evaluate: The End Game: In this module, the emphasis is on fulfilling agreements and settling disputes. Mediation and arbitration are crucial when obligations are not met. A proper understanding of when to implement these methods can guarantee a just resolution for all parties involved.

  • Practice Your Negotiation Skills with Extended Reality and Live Negotiations: You will practice negotiation skills in two exercises: one involving investors and your start-up, and the other in real estate with a friend or coursemate.

  • Final examination: Passing the Final Exam means you have finished the course. You have 75 minutes to complete it and can retake it if needed.
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This course includes:

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